In recent years, a large number of varieties of video poker have appeared in the online casino. Their total number has long exceeded fifty. For example, only Microgaming offers its users more than ten types of video poker for one player. Naturally, the question arises: which of these options should be given preference? We will try to answer this question, based on the reasons that make you play joker poker casino playtech in the casino.

Joker poker strategy

The general rules of joker poker how to play are known to everyone. The player receives five cards, changes any number of them and receives payments according to the established coefficients for the combinations that are included in the special table. However, in modern online casinos you can meet a large selection of video poker, differing from each other with a number of characteristics. A feature of Joker Poker from the company Playtech is, as it is easy to guess by name, the presence of a joker.

Joker poker card game – a kind of video poker, which operates a joker. It is able to replace any other map, necessary to form the maximum possible combination in this case. A similar privilege for players is compensated by the fact that Joker Poker pays a couple of kings and higher.

Another characteristic feature of this video poker is a combination of five identical cards (a square plus a joker). A royal flush involving a joker is paid at a lower odds ratio than a natural royal flush.
The bet in joker poker card is made in coins (one to five). Their dignity can range from five cents to five dollars. If you bet five coins, the payment on a natural royal flush will be disproportionately higher. Therefore, it is recommended to do so.

The disbursement (or half of it) after the distribution can be attempted to increase in the game for doubling. Before you will be five cards, one of which will be lying down. You need to try to find in the remaining four cards one that will be older than open. If you succeed, the winnings will double. Unsuccessful attempt will deprive you of a bet joker poker two pair strategy.

Bonus Games

There are no bonuses in joker playing poker video.


Progressive jackpots in video play joker poker online there.


Video poker Joker Poker is fully translated into Russian (including rules). The game process is controlled by intuitive buttons. The game has basic user settings.


If traditional video poker seems to you boring and monotonous, perhaps Joker Poker will like you more, because the joker brings some animation to the gameplay. It not only replaces the missing cards, but makes possible the appearance of an additional combination – five identical. Do not forget that you need to play five coins, because so much more is paid a royal flush. It is better to lower the denomination of coins than to put less than five.

However, players should not forget that video poker implies players making decisions that directly affect the outcome. Therefore, there is a share of the strategy in it. This is the difference between video poker and slot machines, in which the player only needs to make a bet, and the rest is decided by fortune. If a player in video poker is constantly making wrong decisions, his chances of winning dramatically decrease. Of course, he can accidentally catch the maximum combination, however such pleasant surprises are extremely rare, so without following the strategy, it is impossible to achieve at least relatively regular successes.